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The calculator allows you to compare monthly and annual contract prices based on different milk profiles. Select from the choices below to create your desired milk profile. This will then provide a grid for data entry.

Please note, if no volume is entered for one or more months, some prices may not calculate, or be returned as zero. In cases where no milk is produced in a month, please input a volume of at least 1 in the grid.

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Prices comparison

Having completed the first profile simply click on ‘+Add new profile’ and an additional grid will appear (these will default to the base profile figures).

New data can be entered manually or uploaded from a file (using the Import button). The data can also be adjusted using the sliders at the top of each column.

Five profiles in total can be created.

Valid Butterfat values: 2.50 to 7. Valid Protein values: 2 to 6.50. Valid SCC values: 0 to 400000. Valid Bactoscan values: 0 to 400000. Valid Volume values: 0 to 1000000.

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